7 DIY Plumbing Projects to Avoid

As a homeowner in Ohio, you may be tempted to take on do-it-yourself plumbing projects to save money. However, some jobs are best left to the professionals at Yoder Plumbing.  

Attempting complex plumbing repairs without proper training can result in costly mistakes, water damage, and safety hazards. Here are some DIY plumbing projects you may want to avoid in your  Ohio home. 

Repiping Your House 

Replacing old and corroded pipes throughout your home is a significant project that requires technical skills. The extensive demolition of walls and floors is highly disruptive. Proper repiping requires determining the optimal pipe layout, sizing, and materials that meet local building codes. 

A professional Ohio plumbing company like Yoder Plumbing has the experience to repair houses while minimizing structural damage. We also handle permitting and inspections. DIY repiping risks leaks, pressure problems, and failing inspection. 

Main Sewer Line Repair 

If you have sewer line problems resulting in slow drains, gurgling sounds, or sewage backups, the issue may be in the main line running from your home to the municipal sewer. Repairing main drain lines requires mechanical equipment like augers or pipe relining techniques. 

Trenchless sewer line repair offered by Yoder Plumbing causes minimal yard disruption. Attempting to dig up and replace your main line risks damage to gas or water lines, landscaping, and drainage issues from an improper slope or depth.  

Gas Line Installation  

While some DIYers feel comfortable swapping out gas water heaters or appliances, installing new gas lines is extremely dangerous without proper training and equipment. 

Gas line installation must follow codes for pipe materials, sizing, pressure testing, leak detection, and venting. Local utility companies also require qualified plumbers like Yoder Plumbing to install new residential gas lines. Mistakes can lead to fire risks, carbon monoxide poisoning, or explosions. 

Water Heater Replacement 

Although swapping out a water heater may seem straightforward, there are nuances to ensuring the new system is appropriately sized, installed securely, and connected correctly to gas, water,  electrical, and drain lines. 

Yoder Plumbing handles the complete removal and disposal of old units, upgrading any venting or supply lines, seismic bracing, and adjustments to maximize efficiency.  We also handle any needed electrical work and permit requirements. DIY water heater replacement often leads to leaks, thermal expansion issues, or dangerous exhaust venting. When tackling any major plumbing repairs in your Ohio home, avoid taking risks and trust the experts at Yoder Plumbing. Our experienced technicians have the training and tools to handle residential plumbing problems correctly and efficiently. We focus on maximizing safety while minimizing disruptions to your home. Contact us today for a professional consultation!

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