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Protect Your Water Supply: The Importance of Backflow Prevention

Homeowners depend on their plumbing system to provide clean water for use in cooking, bathing, and drinking. However, did you know that your water supply could be jeopardized?

Backflow is a very serious plumbing concern that can cause your water to become contaminated with hazardous bacteria and chemicals. That’s why it is essential to hire an experienced plumber who specializes in backflow prevention. That’s where Yoder Plumbing comes in, our expertise guarantees the safety of your home’s water supply!

What is backflow and why is it dangerous?

When the pressure in a main water line drops or when polluted and clean water sources mix, backflow happens. This can lead to incredibly dangerous concentrations of pesticides, fertilizers, sewage, and other hazardous chemicals infiltrating your drinking supply – putting your loved ones at severe risk for health concerns.

Take care of yourself and your family by investing in backflow prevention. An experienced professional will ensure both you and your water supply are protected from any risk of corrosion or blockages, eliminating the need for unnecessary stress!

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What is backflow testing?

Certified plumbers are appointed to assess the effectiveness of your backflow prevention device. By conducting two tests – a forward flow test and a backward flow test – they can detect any leaks or blockages in the system, thus shielding clean water from being contaminated by dangerous pollutants. With such precautions, you can trust that no filthy water is entering your safe drinking supply.

If the system fails these tests, repairs must be performed on the plumbing or backflow prevention device before it can be recertified and tested again. This consistent monitoring allows you to have an assurance that your loved ones will always remain secure from any harmful elements in their drinking water supply.

Ultimately, backflow testing is a crucial component of preserving the health and safety of your home. To ensure that this test is conducted correctly and efficiently, only enlist the services of a certified plumber with specialty knowledge and specialized equipment for this purpose.

How to test water backflow

A backflow test is necessary to guarantee that your home’s water remains safe and free of pollutants. Here are the typical steps plumbers take to perform this evaluation:

Shut off the water supply: To ensure the safe and successful completion of your plumbing work, the plumber will need to temporarily disconnect your home’s main water supply.

Install a test kit: To accurately measure the pressure and flow of water in two directions, a specialized test kit is installed on the backflow prevention device.

Conduct tests: To ensure the plumbing system is operating properly, a plumber will complete both a forward flow test and a backward flow test. The former examines the water system for any obstructions or leaks, while the latter verifies that there is no unsanitary liquid reversing into the clean water supply.

Record results: After executing a series of tests, the plumber will document and evaluate their results according to established standards. This evaluation process will allow them to determine if your system passes or fails.

Make repairs: If your system doesn’t pass the tests, repairs may be required for either your backflow prevention device or plumbing system before it can get re-evaluated and officially certified as secure.

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Backflow prevention in your home or business

Avoiding backflow calls for expertise and gear that can only be provided by a certified plumber. Here are some of the ways Yoder Plumbing can help protect against backflow:

Ways to stop backflow

  1. Plumbers can safeguard your clean water supply by installing Backflow Prevention Devices, including valves and air gaps that stop contaminated liquids from flowing back into the pipe system.
  2. Regular upkeep and testing of the backflow prevention devices are essential to guarantee that they are working effectively. Talented plumbers can help you keep your system in optimal condition by providing these services regularly.
  3. By utilizing Cross-Connection Control, Yoder Plumbers can identify the risk of impure water sources mixing with clean water and take proactive steps to ward this off. Solutions may include installing separate pipes or isolation valves to avoid any possible contamination.

Utilizing an experienced plumbing service that specializes in backflow prevention will give you the assurance that your home’s water supply is protected from hazardous contaminants. With their assistance, you can rest easy knowing your family and home are safe and secure.

What to do if you have a backflow incident?

If you notice backflow, it’s important to stop using your water immediately. Your pipes can introduce dangerous contamination throughout your home or business.

The next thing you should do is contact Yoder Plumbing to let us know the problem you’re experiencing. We’ll be in your home in no time to identify the root cause of the problem while also putting into place methods to prevent it from happening again.

We will strive to create a barrier between your water supply and contamination.

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Yoder Plumbing can help with backflow testing and inspection

If backflow seems to be an issue in your home or commercial space, the first step toward getting it fixed is to get in contact with Yoder Plumbing. By conducting backflow testing and implementing preventive measures, we can help you find the source of the problem while providing you with the assurance that the issue will be completely resolved.

No longer should you fret in the middle of a stormy night—contact Yoder Plumbing! We’ll arrange an appointment to inspect and test your home’s backflow, granting you peace of mind over the long term.

Ready to get started? Then send us a message HERE or give us a call at (614) 206-5401

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