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Helping Columbus residents with sewer line repair

Are you in need of sewer line repair? Look no further: Yoder Plumbing is here to provide professional service and top-notch solutions for all your Columbus, Ohio, area sewer system needs. From trenchless repairs to complete pipe replacement, we offer a variety of services that will meet any criteria or budget!

Overall Sewer Line Repair

If a sewer line needs to be fixed, the most traditional way of doing so is trenching or open cutting. This involves digging up part of the pipe for inspection and repair.

We begin this process by accurately pinpointing the exact area where excavation is required. It’s crucial to identify any potential dangers, such as power lines or gas pipes, that could be affected during the activity.

Following the necessary safety guidelines and procuring adequate permits, excavations can begin. Depending on the proportions of your sewer line, a backhoe or any other heavy machinery may be employed to dig out an area around or above it in order to assess and address repairs if needed. After reaching the pipe through excavation, our professionals have access to analyze any damage or blockages that demand attention.

After any repairs are complete, gravel or sand should be added in layers and leveled off with the surrounding soil surface. We carefully adhere to these instructions to ensure that your open-cut or trench sewer line repair project is a success.

Main Line Replacement

If you find yourself in need of a complete sewer line replacement for your home or business, then a mainline replacement would be the ideal option. It might seem extreme, but there are cases where it is necessary to go through this process, and you might just be happy about the long-term benefits.

In this situation, repairs can be more expensive than replacing the older parts. Additionally, root systems may cause permanent destruction to your sewer line. With that said, investing in a modern PVC pipe system is much better for long-term use, as they are sturdier and endure more compared to aged clay tile lines.

What happens in a mainline replacement

Replacing an outdated, broken, or clogged sewer mainline is a job that requires precise steps to be taken. This process entails replacing the existing sewer pipe with a fresh one and can be essential for many reasons. To successfully replace your old pipeline, here are some of the typical steps you must take:

Inspection: In order to initiate the sewer main line replacement, an inspection will be conducted in order to pinpoint any blockages or breaks that have occurred.

The Digging Process: To move forward with the repair or replacement of your sewer main line, excavation, and digging is essential. This process will help us access the old pipe in need of replacement.

Installation of New Pipe: Once the old pipe has been unearthed and removed from its spot, installation of a new one begins.

Testing and Cleanup: On completion of installation, it is essential to conduct thorough testing. This entails draining runoff water from adjacent sources into drainpipes and examining pressure levels before the system can be returned to active usage.

Pipe Lining

Pipelining is an excellent way to fix a leaky or damaged pipe without causing unnecessary damage or disruption to your home or landscape.

Simply put, pipelining is a tube that gets inserted into your existing pipes to bypass problems with your current fixtures.

The pipe lining repair process starts with a pipe inspection camera. This enables our team members to get a direct view of the problem. Next, we will clean your pipes and take appropriate measures to fix any and all damage.

After that, the replacement tube is saturated with epoxy so that it lasts as long as possible. Depending on access, we will then patch the outer pipes and cure them with new sealant.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is more of a preventative measure than a repair. Whether you are a private homeowner, a business owner, or a facility manager, you should schedule a preventative drain cleaning at least once a year. This will help you mitigate some of the costlier types of sewer line repair.

Why you need regular drain cleaning

To avoid costly repairs to your septic system, you need regular preventive maintenance, and scheduling an annual drain cleaning is one of the most effective measures you can take.

With a wealth of experience in this area, Yoder Plumbing knows that investing in preventative care now will help protect you from future problems. Put your trust in us—we guarantee that taking these small steps today will pay off for years to come!

Hydro Jetting

When traditional methods of plumbing maintenance don’t suffice, hydro jetting is the superior solution. This process uses powerful water jets to blast away any obstructions in residential and commercial pipes, drains, or sewer lines with an impressive level of efficiency.

Hydro jetting can eliminate stubborn clogs that are not able to be removed by plunging or snaking, making it a reliable and effective choice for your plumbing needs!

Benefits Of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is undoubtedly the most efficient and effective solution for clearing clogs, blockages, and tough grease or scale buildup. Not only does it eradicate all existing obstructions from your pipes, but also helps to avert future issues by preventing any possible debris accumulation.

Plus, hydro jetting is completely safe as there are no hazardous chemicals involved in its operation! So there is no risk to you or your family.

For all your sewer line repair needs call Yoder Plumbing

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your sewer system, give us a call. We can help with a wide range of sewer line repair services, there is simply no problem we can’t fix.

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