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Unclog Bathtub Drain

The importance of cleaning your drain

It’s a common myth that the best method to clean your drain is via chemicals. While the marketing for these products makes it seem like a surefire solution to your problems, the reality is that chemical cleaners are the least effective method of drain cleaning.

Instead, a better solution is a proactive approach to drain cleaning. Professional services can help you unclog a problematic drain through several methods. But first, you are probably asking yourself how often you should clean your drains. Let’s tackle that answer before diving into our drain-cleaning methods.

How often should you clean your drains?

You can schedule drain cleaning with a plumber at any time. Some may choose to do so on a consistent, routine schedule such as once every six months or annually. The benefit of this method is that it prevents clogs from ever taking over your drainage system.

There are also several signs that your drain system is overdue for a cleaning. For example, slow draining (say, after washing your dishes or taking a bath) points to some kind of blockage within your pipes. Eventually, the water may stop draining altogether and you’ll have a certifiable clog on your hands.

Another sign to keep a “nose” out for is odors. Frequently, these will follow an odd gurgling-type sound emanating from one of your sinks. This means that the gasses that are typically vented through your roof cannot make their way out due to some kind of line blockage. Gurgling followed by an odor means it’s time to contact Yoder Plumbing for drain cleaning ASAP.

Clogged Bathroom Drain

Bathroom drain cleaning

Generally speaking, waste buildup is the most common type of blockage. Our drain cleaning services remove this obstruction, allowing for the full flow removal of water from your fixtures once again. In the case of your bathtub, this scum typically gets engaged with lost body hair, building up to what we all know as a drain clog. A preventive method is to place a strainer over your tub and shower drains; the absence of one could even lead to the need for more frequently scheduled drain cleanings.

Toothpaste and shaving cream residue can easily clog a bathroom sink. While you may not think that you’re rinsing a significant quantity of hair out of your razor, every little bit adds up over time.

And of course, toilet drains can lead to additional backups over time. Most commonly, you’ll encounter this type of problem if your home’s main draining line is clogged or has invasive tree roots penetrating through the seals.

In all of these cases, your best bet is to contact our team for a drain cleaning as soon as possible.

Water Jetting

It’s another common misconception that the only method of drain cleaning is with a snake. Although this is sometimes the easiest method, another possibility is via water jetting. Yoder Plumbing utilizes powerful “jet-like” blasts of water deep into your pipes. This is an incredibly safe and clean method to remove any drain blockages or contamination build-up along the sidewalls of your piping system. In addition, snakes can lead to damaging the interior of your pipe walls. Water jetting is great for your annual drain cleaning, maintaining the structural integrity of your drain while proactively eliminating any problems.

Water Jet For Sink Cleaning

Basement Drain Cleaning

Virtually all basements have a centralized drain or two on the floor. This helps to remove water that may make its way into your basement. However, depending on the age of your home, there could be several problems with your basement drains.

That’s where regular basement drain cleaning comes into play. As with all components of our home, proactive maintenance can prevent long-term problems. We’ll utilize our powerful tools to ensure your basement draining system functions as expected.

Utility Drain Cleaning

In addition, utility sinks are not limited just to commercial facilities. Garages and other types of small businesses have utility sinks. As these often serve a vital role in keeping your areas (and your hands) clean, it’s equally important that they drain as expected. Dirt that falls into the drain, grease from an engine, and other substances can clog these up and cause significant headaches.

As with other types of drains, we recommend setting these on an annual drain cleaning schedule with our team. This will ensure that you never have to worry about a clog interfering with your work or its proper function. And, as with the other types of draining systems we’ve mentioned, we’ll often use our powerful water jetting process to remove any unnecessary blockages from your lines instead of other methods that could lead to additional damage and problems down the road.

Cleaning By Water Gun
Outdoor Drain Cleaning Plumber

Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Although you may not think of them as drains, your home’s gutters play just as much of a role in your draining system as the interior pipes. Gutters allow for rain and snow run off to redirect away from your home. However, as with any other system, dirt, and debris can clog your downspouts.

With a clogged gutter system and/or downspouts, water will back up onto your roof. This can cause internal leaks and water damage. Alternatively, clogged gutters can cause water to flow like a waterfall, pooling near your foundation and damaging it in the process. It’s imperatively important that both aspects of your outdoor drains work properly, which is why we offer outdoor drain cleaning in Columbus and the surrounding communities.

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Our professional drain cleaning services can help you mitigate any issues that you may be experiencing with your household and business drainage system. From cleaning the drains in your bathrooms to removing obstructions in the basement and utility drainage remediation, we can help with all of these problems and more. 

Remember, our team can assist with these and a wide range of other plumbing services. Send us a message HERE to get started or give us a call at (614) 206-5401 today!

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