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An emergency plumber in Columbus, Ohio

No one enjoys the chaos of a plumbing emergency. But when life throws you lemons all you can do is make lemonade. You need a trusted professional who can manage it quickly and efficiently – introducing Yoder Plumbing.

From water damage to burst pipes, our experienced team is available for any plumbing emergency big or small. We can assist with any of the six primary categories: pipe repair and replacement; sewage line installation; gas leak detection and repairs; unclogging drains using hydro-jetting technology and more!

Water main break

If you experience a serious water main break, it is most likely that you need our help. Even though city or municipal streets may manage these breaks internally, both homeowners and business owners can find themselves faced with this kind of issue on their own property.

Signs that you have experienced a water main break

Certain signs can help you catch the problem early. If you see the following problems with your plumbing you might be experiencing a main water break:

  • Drastically diminished water pressure means it is time to make a call.
  • If your taps or fixtures are producing water that is murky and cloudy, it could be a sign of an issue with your plumbing system.
  • The pipes are booming and vibrating noisily.
  • An unpleasant stench wafting from the taps or plumbing fixtures.
  • Startlingly high water bills month after month? Don’t wait any longer – find out what’s causing the dramatic surge in your utility bills.
  • Does your home have water pools forming near pipes and valves? If so, it might be time to investigate the source of this issue!
  • Unexplained puddles of moisture appearing on walls or floors near plumbing lines are a telltale sign of potential water damage.

Other issues that might make you want to pick up the phone

There is no place quite like Columbus Ohio. And while this amazing city can provide us with many unique experiences, unfortunately that applies to plumbing problems we may face.

While these issues are less common, they are still something you want to pay special attention to. If you see any of these telltale signs,it’s time to get Yoder Plumbing on the line:

A significant power outage that leads to frozen pipes: As temperatures dip below freezing, the water molecules inside pipes tend to expand and create a surge of added pressure. This extra strain could cause the pipe to break or burst if it’s not addressed in a timely manner. When power is restored, melted snow and ice will result in additional stress on pipelines due to their re-expansion; this combined with any breaks caused by prior expansion may lead to devastating flooding or other costly damages.

Settlement of your home or the ground around it: Home settling or the shifting of foundation soil can be detrimental to your plumbing system. Uneven weight distribution, and disrupted service due to misaligned pipes may cause serious problems like broken pipelines, clogged sewage lines as well as costly repairs. As time goes on, stagnant water leads to corrosion and blockages that could have been avoided with regular upkeep. Avoiding these issues is simple when you pay close attention and take proactive measures for maintenance!

 Any disruption that comes from an earthquake: While these are quite rare in Ohio they are not unheard of. The consequences that an earthquake can have on your pies is potentially devastating.

Plumbing services in plain city ohio


Another reason to call an emergency plumber is if you’ve experienced any type of flooding situation.

Flooding in pipes can be the result of a variety of causes. The most common culprits are blocked drains and pipes that become filled with debris or unwanted objects.

Leaks from broken or damaged pipes also cause flooding if they are not immediately contained. Excessively high water pressure may also originate from busted pipelines, which lead to flooded basements and other spaces inside the house.

The damage a flood can cause to your expensive furniture and other household items can be irreparable. The worst kind of flood to deal with is one that is impossible to pinpoint. Calling Yoder Plumbing as soon as possible will help you contain the damage.

Broken water heater

As discussed in our previous post a busted water heater is definitely cause for concern. Whether you are hearing strange noises or your heater just quits all together, get us on the phone immediately.

There are many reasons your trusty water heater could just decide to give up one day. One of the most typical causes is a buildup of sediment at the bottom that prevents the heater’s elements from functioning properly. A corroded anode rod, which helps protect against corrosion in water heaters, can also lead to failure.

Also, faulty parts like thermostats and pressure valves may cause breakdowns as time passes with regular use.

Busted sewer lines

A busted water main line is one thing. A busted sewer line is something else entirely, and not something you want to play with.

Sewage that leaks or backs up into your home is a massive health crisis, and can cause serious illnesses to you and your loved ones.

Reasons sewer lines can break

The most common cause of sewer line bursting is aged and damaged pipes that are unable to manage the pressure underneath. Tree roots can also lead to a broken pipe as they increase in size over time.

Fierce rains, flooding or faulty plumbing systems may send too much water into the pipeline causing it to rupture. Lastly, construction projects can damage and disturb existing sewers lines which might make them crack.

Commercial plumbing emergencies

Of course private home owners are not the only people who experience plumbing emergencies. Commercial facilities are no strangers to plumbing-based troubles either.

Yoder Plumbing has helped many businesses and industrial operations across Central Ohio with every plumbing emergency you can think of. Some of these include:

  • Toilets or urinals that won’t flush.
  • Overflowing fixtures.
  • Leaks you can’t identify the root cause of.
  • Visible damage to your building, such as stains on your ceiling tile.
  • Work with your local municipality or jurisdiction to secure proper permitting

Our goal is to get the job done quickly and efficiently in order to minimize the disruption to your business.

Contact Columbus, Ohio’s most trusted emergency plumber

If you’re in Columbus, Ohio, and need an emergency plumber, your best option is Yoder Plumbing. Our experienced team of professionals can manage any plumbing issue you may have while providing the most competitive prices around. Getting your plumbing in order doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Remember that Yoder Plumbing is here to help. Reach out by sending us a message HERE or give our team a call at (614) 206-5401 for immediate assistance!

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