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Our years of experience have helped to make Yoder Plumbing one of Central Ohio’s premier commercial plumbers. Our service offerings for commercial and industrial facilities range from repairs to new construction installations and beyond.

And while our team members are both highly skilled and professionally trained, it’s our commitment to customer service that defines the Yoder Plumbing difference. It’s one thing to hire a commercial plumber; it’s another thing entirely to hire a company that understands your needs and is committed to providing you with the service, quality, and expertise that you would come to expect from a commercial plumber.

Whether you have an emergency, are planning a remodel, or are about to embark on a new construction journey, we’re here to help. We’ve helped business owners and facility managers alike, completing plumbing jobs for office complexes, hospitality facilities, medical offices and hospitals, apartment and condo buildings, as well as retail establishments. Our prices are not only affordable, but they’ll also help you stay within your annual maintenance budget.

Commercial Plumbing Repair Services

Our experience has driven us to be the very best. That’s why we ensure that each commercial plumber we employ has the necessary training as well as the appropriate hands-on skills to surpass your expectations. We’ve grown our services to include a wide range of commercial plumbing service options, including:

  • Flushometer maintenance and repair;
  • New commercial construction services;
  • Urinal installation and repair;
  • Toilet installation and repair;
  • Commercial water heaters;

As well as general commercial plumbing repair. Whether your facility is experiencing a low water pressure situation due to blockages or damages or you’ve recently experienced a leak, we can help. 

Leading off of that, our leak troubleshooting includes identifying and repairing broken pipes as well as mitigating any leaky faucets or fixtures in your bathroom facilities. Both of these may be a result of the freeze-thaw cycle inherent to Ohio winters, unexpected ground movement or settling of a property, as well as general corrosion. The latter is especially relevant with facilities, such as apartment complexes, that have older well water-based systems that require higher concentrations of water softener. This can lead to fixture degradation, the aforementioned low water pressure, as well as broken components in your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Equally as true is the environmental impact on your water supply itself. A pipe may not leak, but internal blockages, an aging water heater, or functional problems with your system can cause the water pressure throughout your facility to drop to sub-optimal levels. We’ll use state-of-the-art video camera systems to identify these internal line problems so that we can help you fix the issue ASAP.

Tankless Toilet

Flushometer Repair

Within a commercial restroom, plumbers will often install a flushometer onto a tankless toilet system. This component will sit above the unit and release a specific, metered amount of water when flushed. After the metered amount of water is released, the flushometer shuts off. 

The goal of a flushometer is to regulate the volume of water, saving significant water costs over a traditional tank-based toilet. This system must function properly to provide the intended benefits, but should also be inspected annually to ensure it’s working properly.

With the volume of water that’s sent throughout restrooms, especially in larger facilities such as hospitals and retail establishments, it’s vitally important that the flushometer works as intended. Most flushometer systems are rated for 250,000 flushes, lasting approximately four years before needing to be replaced.

However, from time to time corrosion, vandalism, and even the water supply itself can limit the lifespan of your flushometer. When it comes time to fix yours, you need a commercial plumber who understands how these systems work and their importance. After all, commercial facilities have water needs that far exceed a single-home residence. Flushometers help regulate these needs, contributing to your facility’s ecological green initiatives while minimizing your overall operating costs.

We can help repair your flushometers throughout your facility. If you’re experiencing any of these common flushometer problems, such as failure to flush, insufficient water flow, leaks, or vibrations, let us know. We can help regardless if your system needs a simple repair or a full flushometer replacement.

New Construction

When building a new facility, your company needs a professional new construction commercial plumber. After all, an experienced commercial plumber such as the employees we have on our team not only have the necessary skills to do the job right, they also have the know-how to help your team plan its plumbing layout for optimal efficiency.

There are four primary aspects of a commercial plumbing new construction process. Those are:

  • Pumping
  • Installing both the water and sewer lines
  • Setting up shut-off valves throughout the facility
  • And the professional installation of the appropriate fixtures throughout your building.
Nwe Construction Plumber

A commercial plumber will understand all of these and how they factor into the construction process. In addition, there are some considerations for your new construction planning. For the best plumbing system, you should consider the importance of:

  • Establishing the location of your main stack, a 3-4 inch pipe that runs from your roof down to your basement;
  • Installing the necessary drains and vents so that water can be rerouted properly away from your facility;
  • Designing the right blueprints that take into consideration all of the details of your plumbing system;
  • And obtaining the proper permits based on your municipal needs.

Each of these details our commercial plumbers can assist with, ensuring that the planning of your new building is up to code while meeting the needs of your occupants.

Urinals and Toilets

Virtually all commercial facilities have urinals. Even some non-commercial structures, such as apartment complexes, have a urinal somewhere on the property.

However, as with any other plumbing fixture, urinals can break down. This causes significant inconvenience for those visiting, working, or living at your property. As a basic example, how often have you visited a retail establishment only to see the urinals out of order?

Likewise, toilet availability in these types of facilities is vitally important. With residential structures such as condos and apartments, toilet-based issues can be a make or break when it comes time for lease renewal. With other facilities, such as the previously mentioned retail operations, persistent toilet problems can sour the public’s opinion of your brand.

All of these problems require the assistance of a commercial plumber. It’s important that your commercial plumber can deal with all types of problems with your urinals and toilets, including unclogging them, dealing with leaks or persistent overflows, fixing low-pressure issues, identifying odd noises, and ensuring that vents mitigate any odors that would otherwise indicate a problem with the plumbing.

Our team can help with these situations and more. In addition to troubleshooting and repair, our expertise as a commercial plumber in Columbus ensures that we’re able to help with commercial installations as well. Whether you’re in the middle of a new construction or a remodel, we’re Columbus’s commercial plumber of choice.

Beyond that, we can also assist with commercial urinal and toilet replacements, ensuring that the new fixtures integrate with your existing system with ease.

If you’re considering whether to replace your commercial urinals or toilets, ask yourself:

  • How often do you need to call a commercial plumber;
  • If there are visible signs of damage;
  • Or if your water bills have grown exponentially but not in relation to your foot traffic.

Commercial Water Heaters

All facilities need hot water. This is a given based on the importance of proper hand washing. However, more often than not the water that flows out of a commercial faucet is cold, and can take a while for the hot water to appear — if at all.

That’s where we come in. As a commercial plumber in Columbus, Ohio, we can help your facility figure out the cause of your missing hot water. Our team handles the repair, installation, and replacement of commercial water heater systems.. This includes gas water heaters, electric water heaters, and tankless systems.

But how do you know if you need a commercial installation or simply a repair? It comes down to several important questions, including the age of your existing system and your facility’s water demands. If you need to install a new water heater, we’ll also help you review your heating fuel source, the size of your commercial water heater compared to your required capacity, electrical and energy considerations, as well as the overall performance and efficiency of your commercial water heater system.

Be sure to keep an eye on several of these important warning signs, such as odd noises, signs of rust, or a lack of supply. If you see any of them, you need a commercial plumber from Yoder ASAP.

Water Heater System

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