An Overview of the Fundamentals of Sewer Line Repair

Throughout Central Ohio, there are miles upon miles of sewer lines. It would be an interesting analysis to get an exact measurement one day! But, with just under a million people living in the city alone (and that’s not counting the suburbs), it’s safe to say there are several thousand miles buried beneath our city. This brings us to an interesting point: how do plumbers handle sewer line repair in Columbus, Ohio?

Here are the things you need to know when looking for a plumbing contractor to handle those types of repairs for you.

Some types of sewer line repair in Columbus, Ohio require permits.

If you’re doing any kind of outside repair to your line that requires connecting to your community’s main sewer line, you’ll need a permit. Your residential plumber in Columbus, Ohio can help you with this step.

Sewer line repair is best handled by a professional plumber in Columbus, Ohio.

This is just one reason why it’s best to let professionals handle any kind of repair to your sewer lines. However, there are many other reasons, including ensuring that the job is completed safely and within the confines of all necessary environmental regulations.

Call before you dig.

However, if you are planning to handle the repair on your own, remember these four words: Call Before You Dig! Dial 811 from your phone or visit Ohio’s CBYD agency here to request a free inspection from your local utility providers. They will then mark off all buried lines so that you don’t damage them during the repair process.

Please remember that if any part of this process feels like it’s beyond you, the DIY approach is not the way to go. Call an expert at Yoder Plumbing and let professionals handle it for you.

Sewer line repair includes multiple components within your plumbing system.

Much of what we’ve discussed has involved the connection between your home and your municipality. But there are other aspects of your sewer line too. These include the pipes under your home as well as your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Sometimes, the problem might be with one of them instead of your sewer line.

Pipelining is a solution for simple repairs.

One alternate solution to replacing your entire sewer line is pipelining. With this process, your Columbus, Ohio residential plumber will insert a smaller line into your piping. This bypasses the problem entirely and negates the need for a replacement line.

Sometimes, all you need is to clean your drains.

On the other hand, your sewer line problems may simply be because you need a good drain cleaning. A significant clog in your home can emulate the appearance of a problem with your outside sewer lines.

Hydro-jetting keeps your pipes clear.

And to that end, one solution to clear out excessive clogs or dirty pipes is hydro-jetting. This is a far more powerful solution than snaking or plunging a clog in your home.

Do you need a plumber in Columbus, Ohio? Call Yoder Plumbing!

While some extremely minor sewer repair options might be easy for the DIY homeowner to tackle, the vast majority will require a professional. If you need help getting your sewer lines in optimal condition, then request a quote here. Or, if you need emergency sewer line services, call our offices at (614) 845-7284 today!

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