DIY Plumbing Gone Wrong: Why It’s Always Best to Hire Professionals

DIY has taken over the world of home upgrades, and in some cases, it can be a great way to get what you want at a fraction of the cost. However, the key is knowing when to DIY and when to go to a professional. As a rule of thumb, leave anything to do with the foundation/structure of your home (like removing walls), electricity, and plumbing to the professionals.

Small things like cleaning your drains or tightening your taps can be done yourself, but if you need serious fixes fast that you can rely on, then there’s no contest – you need a pro. Take some time to learn why hiring a professional plumber is always recommended.

Plumbing Gone Wrong: Common Disasters

Many disasters can come about when DIYing your plumbing, such as:

Incorrectly Connecting Pipes

Replacing a burnt-out or leaking pipe may seem like a straightforward step, but there are many blunders that you can make along the way. For example, do you know how to avoid directly connecting copper to steel? Even using a layer of Teflon tape won’t stop the steel from beginning to corrode once it’s attached to copper. That’s why you’ll need a proper collar to separate these metals.

Breaking Building Codes

There are many rules when it comes to how houses can be built. These also change. If you want your home to continue to be covered by your home insurance and not tempt disaster, always bring in the pros so that your home remains up-to-code and safe.

Over Tightening Your Pipes

There is such a thing as too tight when it comes to pipes. If you push things too far, you can cause wrench damage, resulting in a looser connection in the long run.

Why You Should Always Hire a Professional

You should always hire a professional for any plumbing work for two main reasons.

  • They Work Efficiently: The first is simply the speed. Professionals typically have all the tools necessary to do the job you bring them in for on hand. As for materials, if they don’t already have materials with them, they know exactly where to get them, what kind of materials to get, and what to look for. In short, hiring pros means getting the job done fast and efficiently.
  • They Do It Right the First Time: You never have to worry that your pipes will burst or your connections will rust through when you bring our team in on a job. Do this yourself, and this is what you may expect to find. Our experts have the skills to tackle any plumbing-related job, and they are licensed and insured to give you total peace of mind. This means you’ll know your plumbing is good and that any job taken on adheres to the local codes and regulations. Considering you’ll get the job done right the first time, going to the pros can help you save money in the long run. Learn more about prepping for a visit from your plumber here!

To learn more about the dangers of DIY, read our other posts and contact Yoder today!

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