Urinal Maintenance Tips for Commercial Buildings

Maintaining a clean, functional facility is a huge part of keeping both your staff and your customers happy. Proper urinal maintenance is a huge part of that.

Everyone knows that bathrooms can be hard to maintain. Urinals are no exception to this rule; if they’re not properly maintained, they can clog up or develop unpleasant odors just like a toilet can.

To prevent these issues from arising, there are certain things you can instruct your janitorial staff to do.

Battle Against Buildup

Oftentimes, urinals develop a stubborn layer of mineral build-up. This is because urine can be quite powerful. In fact, it can be so powerful that it’s strong enough to stain a perfectly clean urinal.

To combat this problem, make sure your janitorial staff incorporates a regular cleaning routine. They’ll know how to use appropriate urinal cleaners and brushes to remove mineral deposits and keep those pipes flowing freely. 

A Lighthearted Approach to Prevention

Like everything else in your business, you must maintain your urinals. Sometimes, your employees only need a little reminder to treat urinals with care. 

Why not have some fun with your employees? Consider displaying humorous signs near the urinals that remind users to flush and aim accurately. With a touch of fun, you can help subtly encourage proper usage. This will keep your urinals working and your employees chuckling. 

Random Inspections

In the war against urinal issues, surprise inspections can be your secret weapon. Become the urinal police and make sure the custodians are doing a good job of keeping them clean.

Every now and then, make it a point to inspect the building’s bathrooms to ensure everything is clean and in good working order. These inspections will encourage your janitorial staff to continue doing their jobs well and keeping the urinals in the best possible shape.


It is a cleaning product as old as time. And there is a reason our grandmothers loved it so much. When it comes to cleaning your urinals, nothing beats the power of bleach. 

While this is perfect for porcelain urinals, you must beware! Bleach from any sodium hypochlorite product must never be used on stainless steel. Ask your custodians to try a lighter cleaning material if your urinals are made of this material. 

Urinal Mats

We tend to forget that the area around the urinal can also produce bad smells. A well-maintained urinal mat can help you keep your entire office bathroom clean. Just remember to have the custodians wash it at least once a week. 

Call Yoder Plumbing to help maintain your building’s urinals!

Preventing urinal issues in your business is about maintaining functionality and ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone. So, embrace these tips and maybe even try to find ways to make it fun for your employees to keep the bathroom clean.

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