Why Homeowners Need a Plumbing Inspection Every Summer

Summer is here, which means it’s crucial for homeowners to take a closer look at their plumbing systems. The tough truth is that all sorts of issues can subtly develop during the winter, and these lingering problems can become catastrophic by July and August if left neglected. 

The experts at Yoder Plumbing have provided this all-important checklist for homeowners to go through this spring, which includes the following:

Pipe Leak Inspections 

It’s always a good idea for homeowners to take a close look at their faucets and plumbing fixtures this time of year, because it’s crucial to verify whether or not any leaks are occurring. 

If a leak is found during these inspections, professional plumbing assistance will likely be required to inspect the property’s entire system and ensure a safe and affordable summer. 

Toilet Leak Inspections 

This type of inspection requires homeowners to take closer looks at their toilet’s tank and bowl. It’s likely that everything will look fine, but the next step will be to drop food dye into the toilet tank and see if it seeps into the bowl. 

If dye is found in the bowl after about an hour of waiting, it means there’s a leak in the toilet’s system that will require professional attention. 

Water Heater Maintenance 

A lot of homeowners across America currently have water heaters that are over 15 years old, which means that water heater repairs are more necessary for American households than in previous years. There are many reasons why property owners have postponed their water heater replacements, including the pandemic, inflation, and other economic concerns. 

But today in 2023, there’s a serious need for every homeowner to conduct water heater maintenance this spring. Although some water heater maintenance can be successful DIY projects, the odds are that professional plumbers are going to be needed to ensure the system’s long-term integrity. 

Appliance Checkups 

A lot of plumbing appliances have water supply hoses, including a home’s washing machine, ice maker and dishwasher. It’s crucial for homeowners to inspect these supply hoses for any bulging or leaks. It’s also important to remember that any water supply hoses over 10 years old need to be professionally replaced. 

No one wants to experience appliance problems during the heat of the summer, so doing these types of inspections in April and May is a great idea to keep households more prepared for intense temperature fluctuations. 

Sump Pump Tests 

Sump pumps are crucial plumbing appliances for households that live in areas that are prone to flooding. But of course a sump pump won’t do a home any good if it’s malfunctioning during a major rainstorm.

Seasonal flooding is going to be extreme in 2023 due to this winter’s record-breaking snowfall, so sump pump testing is absolutely necessary for countless homes across the country. And it’s even more important for homeowners to conduct these types of tests before the snow begins to melt.

So homeowners should be sure to test their sump pump’s functionality in order to guarantee that it’ll work when it’s potentially needed this summer! 

Outdoor Draining & Plumbing Inspections 

Homeowners also need to go outside and inspect their outdoor drains and pipes throughout their property. This includes clearing out any debris found within gutters, yard drains and downspouts. 

Exterior faucets also need to be inspected to ensure proper water flow this summer, and avoiding leaks from these faucets is also crucial this time of year. 

Do your summer plumbing check with Yoder Plumbing!

Avoiding plumbing issues in the summer means being proactive during April and May, and the above tips are a great starting point for homeowners to get their residential plumbing systems prepped and ready for rising temperatures and the inevitable heat waves that’ll plague the country throughout the next six months! 

The Yoder Plumbing team is available to help you with every item on your summer plumbing checklist. Contact us today or call 614-363-2809 to learn more!

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