Smart Toilet Upgrades: Convenient Features, Health Monitoring, And More

Is your toilet still stuck in the 20th century? Modern smart toilets offer high-tech features like heated seats, automatic opening and closing lids, health and usage monitoring, odor elimination, and more. 

While buying a brand-new luxury smart toilet can cost thousands, you may be surprised to learn that adding smart capabilities to your existing toilet is more accessible and affordable than you think. With simple DIY upgrades, you can build health monitoring and convenience features into your current throne. 

Smart Toilet Possibilities

Today’s affordable smart toilets provide incredible capabilities that were once only seen in high-end luxurious models just a few years ago. Heated seating, touchscreen remotes, warm water washing, air drying, and deodorization were premium accents only available on lofty thrones before recent times. 


Thanks to smart technology getting cheaper and more compact, mainstream toilet makers like Kohler, Toto, and American Standard now offer tailored suites with these decadent features for under $1000. Compared to unwieldy renovation expenses, elevating an elegant, smart toilet is more achievable than ever within many family budgets. 

The savings get even better when you realize that transforming your existing toilet into a high-tech model can cost less than a fancy dinner for two! 


One of the most useful smart upgrades is a toilet occupancy sensor. An occupancy sensor allows your toilet lid to open automatically as you approach and close once you leave. Hands-free operation promotes better hygiene by minimizing contact with the germ-laden lid. 

DIY occupancy sensors from companies like SmarterHome cost around $50. All it takes is installing a small battery-powered sensor on your toilet tank, which monitors motion and communicates wirelessly with an automated hinge kit you place on your existing seat and lid. Setup takes less than 30 minutes, even for amateurs.

You can also add high-tech health monitoring by replacing your existing toilet seat with an intelligent health-monitoring seat like those made by BioSense, Brondell, or SmartBidet. These seats, priced at $150 and up, contain sensors that detect heart rate and blood pressure when you sit down. Some models can even analyze urine and stool for medical markers like sugar levels. Data measured by the seat can sync with a mobile app to monitor your health and share reports with your doctor. Swapping seats is a 5-minute job – no plumber is needed. 

If malodors are an issue with your throne, you can banish bathroom smells with an automatic air purification system. Products like the Amare Smart Toilet Spray connect to your toilet’s water supply line and automatically spray a cleansing mist inside the bowl after every flush. Just installation takes a few minutes, providing ongoing odor prevention for around $130 – much cheaper than installing costly exhaust fans. 

Modernize your plumbing with Yoder!

While most smart toilets require a total replacement, with some handiwork, you can create your high-tech dream throne cheaply. But if tinkering with toilet tech isn’t your thing, the expert plumbers at Yoder Plumbing offer full-service smart toilet installation and can help you select the model with the perfect features for your needs and budget. 

Yoder has over 15 years of experience with all major smart toilet brands. Their skilled technicians can professionally handle every installation aspect so you can enjoy your new smart tech’s capabilities. Contact Yoder today for a free quote on upgrading to a cutting-edge smart toilet!

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