Toilet Troubles: DIY Cleaning Hacks that Do More Harm Than Good

The unassuming toilet is often overlooked, except when it comes to dutifully managing our daily challenges. So, it may come as a surprise that certain innocuous cleaning tricks can jeopardize the integrity of this essential fixture.

We know the title is scary; no one wants to think they could clean their toilet incorrectly. Here are some cleaning mistakes that can damage your toilet. Buckle up for some plumbing wisdom that will keep that hero running for a long time.

Undiluted Vinegar

Vinegar is the superstar of DIY cleaning and is almost always available in the pantry! However, pouring straight vinegar into your toilet tank might seem like a genius move for removing mineral deposits, but in reality, it can corrode rubber components inside. Stick to a balanced approach – mix it with water before throwing it in the tank, avoiding direct contact.

Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Toilet bowl cleaners are put on shelves and advertised to promise a world of convenience, but they often contain harsh chemicals. These harsh chemicals can deteriorate the rubber seals and gaskets in the long run, which leads to unwanted leaks and water waste.

Want another solution? Instead, use a toilet brush and a mild cleaner for periodic cleaning.

Scrubbing Too Hard

A vigorous toilet bowl cleaning might seem satisfying, but sometimes, too much elbow grease can lead to scratches and damage to the porcelain. Be gentle with that toilet brush; porcelain is more delicate than it appears.

Too Much Bleach

Bleach is a powerful disinfectant, but it’s not the best friend to your toilet’s inner workings. Overuse of bleach can weaken the flapper valve and other rubber components, causing them to deteriorate faster. Use bleach sparingly and dilute it with water before tossing it into the bowl.

The Brick

There‚Äôs a myth that placing a brick or any heavy object in the tank is a water-saving trick, but all it does is damage the flushing mechanism and lead to costly repairs in the long run, which any homeowner wants to avoid. Instead, opt for a modern, water-efficient toilet model, especially if you’re concerned about water usage.

Ignoring Slow Leaks

Sometimes, it’s not about what you put into your toilet but what’s leaking out of it. Ignoring slow leaks can waste water and cause damage over time. If you suspect a leak, don’t wait; call in a professional to fix it.

Keep your toilet working smoothly with Yoder Plumbing!

Your toilet might seem indestructible, but it’s way more delicate than it appears. Avoid these common cleaning blunders, and your toilet will do its job without fuss.

When in doubt, call the experts at Yoder Plumbing. We’re your trusty sidekicks regarding toilet troubles and plumbing puzzles. Don’t let cleaning hacks wreck your throne; treat it carefully, and it will serve you faithfully for years.

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